DOKer Project, premiere screening


On November 29 at the Octiabr' cinema theatre DOKer Project has successfully led the film premiere of Perm-36. Reflexion in the packed screening hall which has launched the screenings at other venues of Moscow. The photo report

Perm-36 as a metaphor


On the eve of premiere has been published the interview with Sergei Kachkin on Radio Liberty (in Russian)

IDFA, Doc For Sale market


Perm-36. Reflexion will be represented at IDFA Doc For Sale by Sergei Kachkin on Nov. 20-23 among the other eight films with their producers as the East Silver deligation.

The Film Premiere of Perm-36. Reflexion


There has come the moment to announce the date of the premiere after five long years of working on the film. The DOKer Project which has become an important event on a map of documentary films in Moscow and Russia will represent to the audience Perm-36. Reflexion film on Nov. 29 at 8 p.m. in the cinema Karo 11 Ortyabr'. The tickets are available on their web page. The details (in Rus) of FB event The Film Premiere of Perm-36. Reflexion.

Film market in Leipzig


Sergei Kachkin has represented his film Perm-36. Reflexion at one of the most important European film markets, DOK Film Market (31.10-03.11)