TV Rain about the memory of GULAG in Russia


TV Rain about the memory of GULAG in Russia - the Museum of the history of GULAG Perm-36 is represented in the beginning by the footage of our film and the interview of the director (the complete version is available on subscription). 

Screening in Arkhangelsk and Kotlas

15.06.2017 reports in Russian: The film «Perm-36. Reflexion» will be screened in Arkhangelsk on 21/06 and in Kotlas on 23/06. The title will be represented by its author Sergei Kachkin. The screenings organized by CineDoc film distribution company with the support of Mikhail Prokhorov Fund.

Mikhail Meylakh - poetry


The poetry (audio in Russian) by Mikhail Meylakh - one of the characters of Perm-36. Reflexion. 

Berlin - Präsentation "Perm 36. Reflexion"


Am 29.05.2017 zeigte MEMORIAL Deutschland e.V. in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kino Krokodil – ein in Berlin für seine Spezialisierung auf den osteuropäischen Film bekanntes Kino – den Film „Perm-36 – Spiegelung“ unter Anwesenheit des russischen Regisseurs Sergei Kachkin.

Berlin - Kino Krokodil


On 29/05 at 19:00 will be held the screening «Perm-36.Reflexion» in Berlin at Kino Krokodil organized by MEMORIAL Deutschland. Afterwards will be Q&A with the director Sergei Kachkin moderated by Anke Giesen.