Petersburg's Echo - broadcast The Interview


The record of a live broadcasting on Petersburg's Echo at the film screening day. The anchorman is Lev Goldstein with Sergei Kachkin in a studio. 

Saint-Petersburg - Angleterre Cinemalounge


On 27/03 was held the screening of the film Perm-36. Reflexion at Angleterre Cinemalounge. S. Kachkin, the director and one of the characters M. Meylakh represented the film personally and answered questions from the audience. 

Tartu - Maailmafilmi festival / World Film Festival 2017


On 24/03 at Maailmafilmi Festival / World Film Festival 2017 was screened Perm-36. Reflexion. Sergei Kachkin represented the film personally. 

Rybinsk - cinema club Sovremennik


On 20/03 was held the screening of Perm-36. Reflexion at Sovremennik which is one of the oldest cinema clubs in Russia - Iosselliani, Tarkovsky, Sokurov, Khlebnikov represented their films here. Sergei Kachkin, the author represented the film. 

«Radio Freedom» - «Stalin died yesterday?»


On March 05 at 18:05 in the studio were S. Kachkin and M. Meylakh along with A. Shmyrov, T Kursina, E. Sapiro on Skype in «Freedom in clubs» programme on «Radio Freedom» station, master E. Fanailova. Read and watch the interview