Perm - Diaghilev Festival


On 16/05 at 18:00 will be held the screening of Perm-36. Reflexion on Diaghilev Festival in festival's section «ZaГраницей сквера». The film will be represented by Mikhail Meylakh, one of its characters.

Alexander Sokurov visited the «Perm 36» Museum


On the 10th May, the world-famous director Alexander Sokurov visited the «Perm 36» Museum. After an excursion, he spoke to journalists about his impressions and about why he thinks it important to preserve this museum space for present and future generations...​

Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts


On 26/04 Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts takes the screening of the film by Sergei Kachkin Perm-36. Reflexion and the meeting with its author and students.

Ярославль - Проект ДОКер


On 17/04 DOKer Project in Yaroslavl represented to the audience the film Perm-36. Reflexion. After the screening, the director S. Kachkin answered questions from the audience. 

Petersburg's Echo - broadcast The Interview


The record of a live broadcasting on Petersburg's Echo at the film screening day. The anchorman is Lev Goldstein with Sergei Kachkin in a studio.